At we strive to bring you the largest selection of beautiful sailing trophies and awards anywhere!  We design and manufacture all of our pieces at our central U.S. location. Every year, thousands of our pieces are sent throughout the U.S. and hundreds more globally.

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"We got the trophies and they look GREAT! Thank you - yet again, a job very well done." A.W., Bermuda

Acrylic Sailboat Trophies

" enormous thank you for the trophy, it is absolutely perfect. I will be presenting the trophy (in my husband's honour) and I must say that you have really done him proud. Again a very big thank you." J.R., England

Our Facility
The laser room at Central Plasticworks
"We got'em. They are AWESOME!!!! Your company has done a wonderful job, we're very pleased. Thank you so much." L.M., Orlando, FL

Acrylic Sailing Trophies & Awards (Gallery 8)

We can create our acrylic trophies in any shape that you may need.  We can work from your files, sailplans, or any specifications.

Our galleries are a small example of the beautiful pieces that we can create for you. The different types of acrylic, coupled with the unlimited shapes and sizes that we can make, gives us infinite possibilities for your pieces. If you can dream it up, we can create it.

3D Sailing Trophies
Acrylic 3D Sailing Trophy
10.0"L x 2.25"W x 4.0"H (item# 210-218), $36.95
Spinnaker, main, and upright created from vibrant blue acrylic. Base is clear acrylic with beveled edge. Gorgeous pieces with the light reflective properties! Can be created in other sizes upon request.
Acrylic Oval Award
Acrylic Oval Award with Blue Bottom Edge
8.25"L x 5.75"H (item# 210-160), $42.95
1" thick clear acrylic oval with beveled edges on both sides.
Can be made in any size. Many colors available.

3D Sailing Trophies
Acrylic 3D Mainsail Trophy in Jade
9.0"L x 8.5"H (item# 210-230), $79.95
White/blue mainsail mounted onto 1" thick jade acrylic.
The acrylic is profiled to match the contour of the sail.
Mainsail may be colored in any combination.
3D Sailing Trophies trophy
Acrylic 3D Mainsail Trophy in Clear
9.0"L x 8.5"H (item# 210-225), $64.95
Blue/white mainsail mounted onto 1" thick clear acrylic.
The acrylic is profiled to match the contour of the sail.
Mainsail may be colored in any combination.

Lido 14 Trophy
Jade Acrylic Sailing Trophy
10.25"L x 2.25"W x 4.25"H (item# 210-216), $43.95
Spinnaker, mainsail and base created from transparent jade acrylic
Laser engraving appears "back-lit" when performed on the jade acrylic.

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