At we strive to bring you the largest selection of beautiful sailing trophies and awards anywhere!  We design and manufacture all of our pieces at our central U.S. location. Every year, thousands of our pieces are sent throughout the U.S. and hundreds more globally.

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"We got the trophies and they look GREAT! Thank you - yet again, a job very well done." A.W., Bermuda

Acrylic Sailboat Trophies

" enormous thank you for the trophy, it is absolutely perfect. I will be presenting the trophy (in my husband's honour) and I must say that you have really done him proud. Again a very big thank you." J.R., England

Our Facility
The laser room at Central Plasticworks
"We got 'em. They are AWESOME!!!! Your company has done a wonderful job, we're very pleased. Thank you so much." L.M., Orlando, FL

Acrylic Sailboats (Gallery 1)

Completed sailboats waiting to be cleaned and packaged Our acrylic sailboats can be made in a variety of different sailboat classes. We produce everything in our facility, and can shape the hulls/sails according to your preferences during production. The sails can be lasered any way you like, including text, logos, lines, pictures, or images. We can create them in any size or material thickness. We generally use 1/2", 3/4", or 1" acrylic depending upon the hull length.

Pricing is below - please scroll down. The acrylic sailboats pictured below are examples of our work. If you need something a little different, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Jade acrylic sailboats, white/frosted lasering

Acrylic sailboats with jib/main & spin/main

Acrylic sailboats with 8", 10" and 12" hulls & lasered mainsails

Acrylic sailboats with 6", 8" and 10" hulls

Acrylic sailboats with colored hulls & spinnakers

Acrylic Lightning Class sailboats with spinnakers

Acrylic sailboat with 6" hulls with jib/main & spin/main

Acrylic Laser Class sailboats with lasered mainsails

Acrylic 6" hull sailboat with island base

Acrylic Optimist Class sailboat

Acrylic multi-hull sailboats

Acrylic Optimist Class sailboats

Acrylic Butterfly Class sailboats

Acrylic sailboats with colored hulls/spins

All models shown below are mounted to a rectangular base. We can create them without a base if requested. If you require an acrylic base shaped like an island (or other shape) please contact us for a price quote.

Pricing for our acrylic sailboats - Your lasering is INCLUDED on the base and/or sail(s)!

9.0"H (6"L hull) with jib/mainsail, 0.5" thick hull (Item #280-021), $50.00
9.0"H (6"L hull) with spinnaker/mainsail, 0.5" thick hull (Item #280-021S), $55.00
11.0"H (7"L hull) with jib/mainsail, 0.5" thick hull (Item #280-071), $60.00
11.0"H (7"L hull) with spinnaker/mainsail, 0.5" thick hull (Item #280-071S), $65.00
13"H (8"L hull) with jib/mainsail, 0.75" thick hull (Item #280-501), $100.00
13"H (8"L hull) with spinnaker/mainsail, 0.75" thick hull (Item #280-501S), $105.00
15"H (10"L hull) with jib/mainsail, 1.0" thick hull (Item #282-001), $160.00
15"H (10"L hull) with spinnaker/mainsail, 1.0" thick hull (Item #282-001S), $165.00
18"H (12"L hull) with jib/mainsail, 1.0" thick hull (Item #283-001), $195.00
18"H (12"L hull) with spinnaker/mainsail, 1.0" thick hull (Item #283-001S), $200.00
24"H (15"L hull) with jib/mainsail, 1.25" thick hull (Item #284-001), $260.00
24"H (15"L hull) with spinnaker/mainsail, 1.25" thick hull (Item #284-001S), $270.00

Below are some additonal pieces that we've made in the past. Please let us know if you would like additional information on any them.

Colored acrylic IOM Class sailboats

Acrylic Butterfly Class sailboats with colored hulls

Acrylic sailboats - Lasers, FJs, El Toros, Optis, and 29ers

Acrylic sailboats - FJ, El Toro, 29er

Red acrylic sailboat with 10" hull & spin to match

Acrylic Lightning sailboat with 8" hull

Multi-colored acrylic hull

Acrylic EC-12 Class sailboats

Jade acrylic sailboats

Sailboat with Lasered Horizontal Sail Lines

Blue & Jade Acrylic Sailboats, Island Base

Small 6" Sailboats with Horizontal Lines

Jade Acrylic Sailboats

Small 6" Sailboats with Colored Hulls

Jade Acrylic Sailboat, Island Base

10" Hull Sailboat, Lasered Mainsail

Acrylic Sailboats, Island Bases

IOM Worlds, Barbados map lasered on base

Acrylic Sailboats, Island Bases

Flying Scot sailboats, colored acrylic hulls

Blue Acrylic Sailboat, Island Base

Small Sailboats on 1" Thick Black Acrylic Bases