We can create our acrylic spinnaker and mainsail trophies in almost any shape.  If you would like a specific shape of sail, we can work from your schematic, sailplan, or specifications.  Most of our sails are created from 1″ thick acrylic and are stable enough to stand on their own.   Thickness of acrylic is usually what determines the price, so if needed, we can use a thinner material such as 3/4″ acrylic to meet your budget.  The 3/4″ acrylic for most small & medium size trophies is still thick enough to be stable on a flat surface.

Using a special process that we’ve developed, we can color the bottom edges of our pieces with a durable coating that can be closely color-matched if needed. When the trophies are viewed from different angles, the colors pick up in all of the edges in the piece to create amazing effects.

Acrylic Mainsail Sailing Trophy
Small 7.5"H (item# 210-320), $34.95
Medium 9.25"H (item# 210-321), $54.95
Large 11.0"H (item# 210-322), $74.95
1" Clear acrylic with colored bottom edge.
Lasering included.

Acrylic Spinnaker Sailing Trophy
Small 7.5"H (item# 210-317), $34.95
Medium 9.25"H (item# 210-318), $54.95
Large 11.0"H (item# 210-319), $74.95
1" Clear acrylic with colored bottom edge.
Lasering Included.

Acrylic Mainsail Trophies
Small 7.75"H (item# 210-337), $25.00
Medium 8.75"H (item# 210-336), $40.00
Large 9.75"H (item# 210-335), $55.00
3/4" thick clear acrylic sails. Colored bottom edges, beveled front edge.
Lasering Included

Hobie Class Trophies
We can make mainsails for any class!
Small 8.5"H (item# 210-610), $34.95
Medium 10.5"H (item# 210-611), $54.95
Large 12.0"H (item# 210-612), $74.95
1" thick clear acrylic with colored bottom edge.
Lasering included.

Lightning Class Trophies
Small 8.5"H (item# 210-601), $34.95
Medium 10.5"H (item# 210-602), $54.95
Large 12.0"H (item# 210-603), $74.95
1" thick clear acrylic with colored bottom edge.
Lasering included.

Black Acrylic/Faux Brass Spinnaker
Small 7.25"H (item# 210-367), $40.00
Medium 9.25"H (item# 210-366), $55.00
Large 11.0"H (item# 210-365), $74.95
1" Black acrylic with faux brushed brass mounted to front surface
Faux aluminum is also available.

Black Acrylic/Faux Aluminum Mainsail Trophy
Just like our popular spinnakers only in mainsail shapes!
Let us know your class of sailboat and we can match the sails.
Pricing and sizes approximately the same as our spinnakers
provided that we can use about the same amount of material
in making them for you. Let us know your specifications!

Black Acrylic/Faux Brass Sailing Trophy
We can design custom stand-up sailing trophies for you!
Lusterous contoured 1" black acrylic with faux brass plating
mounted to the front surface
Prices start about $40.00, including lasering.